Full Course: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Learning Time

40 Hours

Email Specialist Study Plan Content

  1. Fundamentals of email marketing.
  2. List segmentation and targeting.
  3. Compliance with email laws and regulations.

  1. Data import and export.
  2. Subscriber list creation and management.
  3. Data extensions and data relationships.

  1. Using Content Builder for email creation.
  2. Email templates and mobile-responsive design.
  3. Personalization and dynamic content.

  1. Managing subscriber preferences and attributes.
  2. Handling unsubscribes and opt-outs.

  1. Basics of marketing automation.
  2. Automation Studio and journey creation.
  3. Triggers and decision splits.

  1. Setting up and analyzing A/B tests.
  2. Testing subject lines, content, and design elements.

  1. Tracking email campaign performance.
  2. Key email metrics and reporting tools.

Marketing Cloud Admin Study Plan Content

  1. Understand the features and capabilities of Marketing Cloud.
  2. Navigate the Marketing Cloud interface.

  1. User setup and permissions.
  2. Data import, export, and synchronization.

  1. Create and manage data relationships.
  2. Use of contact data and attribute groups.

  1. Data extension creation and management.
  2. Designing data models and relationships.

  1. Email creation and templates.
  2. Sending and tracking emails.

  1. Marketing automation concepts.
  2. Creating automations and activities.

  1. Journey creation and configuration.
  2. Interaction with data and activities.

  1. Tracking email and journey performance.
  2. Key metrics and reporting tools.